What size are my dreadlocks?

HELP HEATHER!! What size bead do I need???

I have made a tutorial for all you wonderful folks to watch. In it, I have made sure to discuss several ways in which you can measure your dreads successfully! 🙂

Bone Hook Necklace

How to Carve a Bone Hook Necklace

Howdy folks… all three of you…

This post will be an informative little spread of pictures and explanations for those of you that are interested in venturing into the art of bone carving. While I hope to make a tutorial video for my YouTube channel sometime in the future, I think this will at least hold everyone over while I procrastinate…

Flower Heatherfish

Ramblings of an artist… and a blogger noob…

Well…. I finally did it. I made a blog page on my site.

Firstly, I decided that it is about time that I become active on my site. If I can keep up with all the social media, I should be able to make the occasional blog post right? HA!… Ever the optimist, I feel there is a great chance that I will be able to eventually invest in a clone… Problem solved.