Leu Gardens

Because we have been so incredibly busy, we had a late Valentines Day and the Squishy surprised me with a trip to this wonderful place. A garden with romantic walkways, benches, flowers, history, chirping birds, etc? – He knows me so well.

Black Friday

SO… Do you guys remember that post I wrote the other day about holiday anxiety and the fact that it may be related to my holidays not going so smoothly? Well…. Here is a recap of my Thanksgiving… lol. Ignore my sponge bob reference. It really makes no sense at all other than the fact […]

Holiday Anxiety

Already tonight I have been up waaaaaayyyy too long. 5:35 am? Yep… too long.  What was that article I read about the other day that said people who had irregular sleep schedules, cussed a lot, and had messy living spaces where more intelligent? Right… Any who, as I’m getting ready for my meditation and bed, […]

Monarch Butterflies!!

Butterflies, Butterflies, and more butterflies! Did I mention butterflies? For the last few months, I have come to the realization that I am now a monarch butterfly surrogate mother.  A while back, Adam and family from Adam’s Art and Bonsai gave me a little butterfly plant that he obtained from Epcot.  I took it home […]